Good payout of 5%

Attractive Promotions

Customized Promotions and Creative adverts

Track Performance

Access to personalized dashboard and monitor your performance


Quick and personal support from OUR Affiliate Team

Affiliate program is ready for any publisher or blogger.  How does the affiliate program work?

How can I participate?

- Apply for the affiliate program with our Affiliate Platform.

- We will then review the application and accept you on to our program.

- Choose from our wide selection of attractive advertising / promotion media and select the best ones suitable for you and integrate it onto your website. The affiliate team is happy to assist you.

- Making money is no longer an obstacle.

- Any enquiries, please contact

Commission and Payment

Your benefits as a Publisher:

- 5% Commission per sale for customer

- Tiered commission structure to reward top sellers

- Cookie lifetime: 30 days

- Support and advice from the Affiliate Program

- Sale validation 45 days after receipt of order

How much money can I earn?

Earn money easily. For each transaction that runs through your website, you will be paid a sales commission.

Profit of 5% Commission per sale 

Sales will be processed within 45 days after the receipt of the order.

After 45 days verifies the orders and confirms, amends or declines the transactions. An amended transaction allows for partial refunds to ensure that the publisher is still rewarded. After processing, the payout is carried out directly to the Publisher.


Example of partial refund calculation.

A customer has a shopping cart with the amount of THB1000. However, he decides

to send back goods worth THB500; from the remaining amount of THB500, the publisher will receive a 5% commission of THB25.


“’s affiliate program is something that all publishers should sign up for. They have consistently provided us with great deals and their commission rates are exemplary. Their team is very responsive and are always there when needed. Most importantly, our visitors love the deals that they provide.” Hafiz Murat, Country Manager - Saleduck Malaysia.

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