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Soft M Ball - Set A01

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WAVEPLAY(WAVE+PLAY) , which is totally different from existing fixed block toys, is an education toy with an innovative concept, Waveply lets kids create a greater range of shapes that cannot be expressed with other solid block toys. And the the components of this products is consisted of the following things , WAVE-BAR ( easily soft non-toxic, bend well inside aluminium wires, 8 different colors, 7 different size), Connectors, Guide book, Paper toys, Play board, Wheels ( small+large)

We have been manufacturing n distributing the educational tools as toys on domestic and overseas markets. We are introducing our company who have been supplying the WAVEPLAY n SOFT M BALL(trade mark) to our kindergarten and low class students of elementary school including KIDS CENTER of pre-school and so on as teaching tools. We concluded a MOU contract with Art Molding College of Dankook University so our article has been as teaching tools of the regular class and several kinds of academic-industrial cooperation programs are going on. Waveplay was recognized excellence of the product and future development possibility so got a venture firm certification, and acquired domestic and overseas certification marks such as KC,CE, CCC , ASTM etc. Our products have competitiveness of quality, reliability and all variety of teaching tools market in comparison with other country, especially CHINA’s products. We have been keeping the business relation with Korean customers and overseas, CHINA, HONGKONG, JAPAN, RUSSIA, TAIWAN, MALAYSIA including USA and so on since 2013. Also our products have a good reputation in these country also Kids can make several kids of shape, from animal, plants any object through our products. So far, we have been sold very well to customers in Korea and above overseas country and we would now like to expand the various overseas market and we feel that potential markets like kindergarten, school, academy which kids can learn imagination and creativity from the several education tools. Kids at Kindergarten and pre-school including care-center have examined almost all WAVEPLAY toys + soft M BALL during 3-4 years. They likes ours very much, can make lots of different shape through detailed guidebook. Waveplay toys definitely helped Kid to grow and develop faster. Our products' effectiveness and functionality are undeniable quality is excellent and the most important thing - Kids above them



POGNAE ของเล่นเด็ก

POGNAE ของเล่นเด็ก

HMCKBABY Soft  M Ball - Set A


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